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Anti-rebound Inverted Umbrella

Anti-rebound Inverted Umbrella

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Multi-stage Closing
Easy and safe way to close the umbrella, and no more afraid of accidentally hurting yourself by the rebound of the umbrella.

Inverted Design
Keep the wet part inside the umbrella and keep the car clean and dry.

Water-repellent and Quick Drying Fabric
With the special nano-coating, the water does not soak into the fabric and is easy to dry. (*Only for super water-repellent models)

Anti-shine & UV Protection
The inner vinyl coating helps heat-ray shielding and provides UV protection. (*Only for dual-purpose models)

Multi-color to Match Your Car
Multiple color options to match the color of your favorite car.

Jowua Floor Mat
The patented holder design makes it easy to store without taking up space. Convenient to use the umbrella at any time.

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