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Model S LR/ Plaid 20" Wheel Upgrade Package

Model S LR/ Plaid 20" Wheel Upgrade Package

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Secret-EV Performance wheel upgrade package.

New refresh Model S comes in 19" tempest wheel. The only upgrade option from Tesla is 21" Arachnid. They are cast and came in at 35lb each. The option cost is $4,500, and you have to give up on the 19" tempest wheel.

We are glad to announce that we are partnered with Signature Wheel, providing the finest upgrade wheel option. By going with Secret-EV/Signature Wheel package, you could keep the OEM 19" as a spare or resell it. The net cost could be similar to the cost from the Tesla upgrade option., but now you had a fully forged, super lightweight wheel on your Model S.

Secret-EV / Signature wheel 20" upgrade package includes: 

1: Your chioce of 20" design from Signature Wheel (except multi-piece, flagshig, and royal series) 

2: Secret-EV Super Street titanium lug nut (Raw) 

3: Tire of your chioce 

4: Tesla Model S TPMS


***Each item will ship individually. 

***We will contact you for the wheel design option.

***Contact US if you are looking of the Multi-piece, flagshig, or royal series.