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Unplugged Performance lowering Bracket

Unplugged Performance lowering Bracket

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For those looking to lower the center of gravity for improved handling, lower the aerodynamic drag for improved range, or just make the car look sleeker and sexier, it’s time to get low.  The Tesla Model S Plaid and LR come equipped with plush Bilstein dampers that adjust the stiffness of the suspension in real-time based on driving data.  Having partnered with Bilstein to develop our Pikes Peak class-winning Model S Plaid race car, we know this suspension inside and out.

Our approach to lowering is unique.  The UP Sports Dynamic Air Suspension retains our exclusive unique approach to improving factory lowering on Tesla air suspension vehicles which have been proven by hundreds of customers around the world. We believe in extensive testing and fool-proof installation that leads to reliable function for the life of the vehicle.  Each factory setting gets bumped down one level so you can enjoy the benefits of lowering without losing day-to-day practicality or intuitive functionality.  Drive lower without putting your vehicle at risk.


  • Preset Setting – Prevents incorrect installation and provides consistent heights.  No trial and error. No potential for damage.
  • Each factory height setting works as normal with each height being lower than before (think of it as every setting is one step lower, so Standard becomes Low, and so on, so your vehicle heights will be predictable and within the Model S’ designed parameters.
  • Retains use of all 4 OEM suspension settings – Very High, High, Medium, and Low, as well as Track Mode
  • Retains full function of Bilstein Active suspension dampening with in-car controls
  • Easy Installation – Brackets are completely plug-and-play, so installation only takes about 30 minutes
  • Fully reversible – no cutting or modification required.  Swap back your factory brackets in the same 30 minutes without leaving a trace.
  • Produced in 5000-series aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance.
  • Unlike other products on the market, this product does not change out links with generic threaded lowering links nor does it require any permanent modification to the vehicle
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