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UP Large Sweep Brake Rotor

UP Large Sweep Brake Rotor

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Compatible with 19"~21" wheel

The UP x PFC Front Large Sweep Brake Package is designed to maximize braking performance with the factory Tesla brake calipers. Clever packaging is a key attribute of these kits which is made possible by integrated PFC x UP brake pad/rotor engineering. The result of this packaging provides an 11% increase in pad sweep along with a 6.5% increase in rotor thickness and approx 40% weight savings, all without relocating the caliper.

The pad sweep increase is gained by utilizing a wider annulus rotor and an appropriately sized brake pad to utilize this special pairing. This ensures more usable rotor and pad in the same dimensions, allowing 19″ performance wheel/tire packages to be used (fits all wheels 19-22″). Our engineering ethos around maximizing results with creative integrated engineering keeps rotational mass at a minimum while maximizing brake pad contact area, rotor thickness and therefore maximizing the thermal capacity of the factory calipers.

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