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UP - Rear Camber Arm (Billet Adjustable )

UP - Rear Camber Arm (Billet Adjustable )

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Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Set

The Model S Plaid + LR Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Set for 2021+ Tesla Model S variants, has been developed on our Pikes Peak Class-Winning “Dark Helmet” race car.  The multi-link rear suspension on the new Model S presents a large engineering challenge to solve to allow both maximum adjustment of rear camber as well as proper usability for the technician performing the alignment.  In going through a myriad of suspension settings for Pikes Peak as well as record laps at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow we ended up doing alignments over and over.  These camber arms provide maximum alignment flexibility and durability with sealed spherical bushings and CNC-milled billet aluminum construction, coupled with high-strength stainless steel adjustment mechanisms.

For racing use, this is a popular upgrade to ensure maximum performance on the track.  For street use, this is a popular upgrade that allows you to adjust the rear camber to neutralize uneven tire wear, especially when lowering the vehicle or driving at highway speeds.

  • CNC-milled 6061 aluminum for maximum strength while saving weight
  • FEA-simulation optimized to ensure superior static, dynamic, and fatigue strength
  • Sealed spherical bushings for unmatched precision and durability with silent operation
  • Largest possible camber range adjustment from +1 to -4.5 degrees camber
  • Ensure maximum tire patch contact on the race track
  • Deliver optimal tire wear characteristics on the street
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