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World Record - Model S Plaid

Miguel from Canada with his 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid shaving off 500 lbs of weight and equipped with Signature Wheel SV104 Monoblocks in pure drags racing track spec 19x8 front with 18x9 rear. Include is also the Youtube video of the record setting race. Great job, everyone!

The drag package wheel spec details below, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Super Street V2s Titanium Lug nut

Super Street V2s is your solution to ugly and unsecure lug nuts. Forged from 6AL4V titanium

Super Street V2s will never rust or corrode. The unique heptagon feature keeps the security to all 20 lug nuts.

Interchangeable cap allow you to customize them to match your theme of your other mods.

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Refresh Model S LR/ Plaid / 19" SV104 direct replacement

19" Signature Wheel SV104 is the direct replacemnt to the factory 19" tempest wheel.

19x9.5 20.1lb

19x10.5 21.1lb

7-8lb weight saving over factory 19" tempest wheel.

Direct Bolt-on without hub ring or spacer.

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Model S Plaid / Signature SV304s

Uncompromising in their pursuit of the finest things in life, this customer's impeccable taste is evident in every decision they make.

Signature Wheel Multi-Piece Series SV304s. Polished Lip / Royal Gold Face, Super Street V2s lug nut.

Click below for more info on this particualr setup.

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