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2021+ Model S Plaid Drag Pack

2021+ Model S Plaid Drag Pack

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2021+ Model S Plaid 19/18 Drag Pack.


Package includes:

1x set of Signature Wheel SV104

  • Finish: Custom
  • Spec:
    • F19x8 19.5lb
    • R18x9  18.9lb
  • Fitment: Drag oriented
  • *Tire: 255/45/19 & 275/45/18
  • Friction Lock on all four corners.
  • Center Cap included

1x set of UP stainless Steel brake line 

Optional Tesla Bluetooth TPMS


* Interior removal / additional weight reduction is requrie to reach 8s in 1/4 miles.

* Drag Pack does not guarantee the result. The result will vary based on the vehicle condition, weather, and track prep etc...

* Wheel production time is 3-4 weeks

* Tire is not included

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