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N2itive Lowering Links for Model S Plaid/LR ( RSX-3)

N2itive Lowering Links for Model S Plaid/LR ( RSX-3)

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 RSX-3 (Newest version) PLAID (2021+) Ride Height Adjustment Lowering Link Set (Brackets) For Tesla S/X Plaid & All Non Plaid Versions

N2itive’s new performance RSX-3 PLAID lowering links (brackets), for all refreshed 2021 and later Tesla Model S and X cars, are the most advanced lowering links in the world, offering extreme precision and reliability for your Tesla S or X.  The Plaid version of our RSX-1 lowering links are designed exclusively for the new Tesla Model S/X Plaid (Refresh). They will not fit the older Tesla S and X vehicles. 

Refresh Model S/X Lowering link = all equal length


When quality, craftsmanship and adjustability matter, our performance RSX-1 lowering links are the only choice. 6-year warranty included.



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